How to incorporate SPA into everyday life

  • Deep breathing – Never underestimate the power of deep breathing, and of taking just five minutes to reframe your mind. A simple walk in the middle of the day can bring new energy to the remainder of your daily tasks at hand.
  • Daily yoga – Start each day with simple stretches, awakening the mind and body.  You don’t need to practice elaborate poses, or use extensive equipment. Simply do what feels good!
  • Aromatherapy – Find the scents that appeal to you, and use them to awaken, relax, calm or inspire.  Lemongrass is a typically invigorating scent, while neroli is calming and great for anxiety.  Lavender is thought to improve sleep. There is no perfect scent – find what works for you!
  • Simple at-home  spa – Honey is a wonderful, powerful hydrating ingredient, found in every grocery store.  Mix equal parts honey and salt for a mild exfoliant for the body, or sub sugar for the face. Olive oil is wonderful for hydrating and conditioning nails and hands.
  • Ambiance in-home and in-office – Much of the spa experience comes from the setting, and the calming music and lighting. Take this same approach to your soothing “SPA” space, and find a place in your home or office that you can outfit with soft lighting and soothing music.  At home, buy a comfy robe and spa slippers, even flowers if you want. In-office, get a plant and place it on your desk, put on music that will keep you focused and energized for the work day.   These small touches can help transport you from your “regular” life into the spa mentality.
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